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Welcome to my web page, a great source for teaching resources and literacy strategies. Teaching literacy across all contents is essential in providing students the skills necessary to make connections between contents and develop higher thinking skills. By incorporating reading and writing into each content, teachers require students to express their thought process and reasoning through multiple outlets.

Math teachers, in particular, must incorporate literacy into their curriculum. By employing reading and writing strategies, teachers are requiring students to do more than just memorize facts and operations. Through literacy instruction, students communicate through multiple avenues and make connections between idea, which will help them to understand the impact math elements have on other contents. The role of the teacher is to prepare students to lead productive, successful live, and by incorporating literacy into all contents, teachers are better equipping students with the skills to do just tha.

Here you will find:

Strategies for Teaching Math Content

Blank, Adaptable Strategy Worksheets

Completed Example Strategy Worksheets

Explanations of Each Strategy's Importance to the Teaching of Literacy

Georgia Performance Standard Connections for Each Strategy

Enjoy the site! Please email me at with any questions.